Carjola Park Soul Sister


Black Quarab Filly

Reg: AHSA - AQF 138


Sire: Carjola Park Watch Out - Vancouver Park Watch Me (Watch the Duco x Dream Orchid) x A Touch of Class (Danteffa x Potential)

Dam: Carjola Park Arizona - Lunar Sun Rise (GFL Apollo x Potential) x CFRS Platinum Bandit.

This is Arizona's 2nd foal & I was stunned to find a black foal let alone another filly..I was stoked as black was the last colour I expected from this breeding.

Ebony is C.P.Watch Out - aka DJ - 1st foal & I am extremely happy with her, she has turned out to be even more than what I was hoping for.

Ebony is a very correct filly, who we are expecting to mature 15h+ she is rising 2 & already 14.3h

At her 1st show the 2012 East Coast Championships she went Top 5 to her half sister C.P.Dressed in Red - aka Ruby

Ebony is solid black except for her blaze but she carry's the overo gene which means that 50% of her foals will be broken coloured when she is bred in the future.

I am looking forward to a full sibling to Ebony this coming year.

Carjola Park Soul Sister
Carjola Park Soul Sister

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